About Maramoo

What is Maramoo?

Maramoo is a marathon with three legs that goes through part of the beautiful South-West of Western Australia. You can marvel at the scenery and sample local produce along the way. After each leg you will run a lap of honour of the cricket pitch where the start/finish line is. Bring your friends and family to cheer you on!  The inaugural event was held in 2016, and the date for 2017 is Saturday 9 September.

You can also dress up and be in line for the best-dressed prize. And, talking of prizes, there are lots on offer, not only for the place getters, but there are lots given out randomly. That’s because, if you’re like us and never come near the front, we still love to win a prize! Maybe there’s one just waiting for you…

This event is based on an event in France called Marathon du medoc.  Here is their website 

Why the name Maramoo?

Mara for marathon and moo for all of the moo-cows that live in the area.

Marathon + moo-cows = Maramoo.

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