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What is a cricket pitch doing in the middle of the wine growing district?

We tried to find out and what we think is that it was laid in the 1980s or possibly before and may have been used for small social matches by the staff at Rivendell and locals. If you know how it came about, please let us know.

In late 2011 the owners of Rivendell Winery discovered the abandoned cricket pitch on their property. They started to resurrect and renovate the pitch. Shortly afterwards there were devastating fires around Margaret River and the owners and locals decided to complete the renovation and host the Rivendell Sixes Cricket Tournament to raise funds for those affected by the fires.

There were eight teams of six, with each having a celebrity captain. The day was all about family fun, with a bit of cricket thrown in. Some of the celebrity captains were Wayne Carey, Dean Kemp and Mathew “Spider” Burton. They may have been good footballers, but we can’t vouch how good they were at cricket!

The cricket pitch is currently used to graze about 70 sheep. In addition to the sheep Deep Woods Estate, which is next door, waters the cricket pitch with its treated waste water. This keeps the pitch green and allowed Deep Woods to get a license to produce more wine.

Now you will be able to run on this cricket pitch in the middle of nowhere, when you run the Maramoo.

A big thank you from all of us at the Maramoo to the owners of Rivendell Winery Estate, the Gruenthal family, for providing the cricket pitch.