The course for the 2017 Maramoo has changed slightly from last year.

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Cricket pitch – start/finish line


Course Info

The Maramoo is located about 10kms south of Dunsborough and about 8kms east of Yallingup in the wine growing district of Western Australia’s spectacular south-west region.

The start/finish line and race village is located on a cricket pitch in the middle of the farming district. Yes. A cricket pitch!

You will notice that the course is quite different to last year. A lot more of this year’s course is on trails, rather than roads. We hope you like these changes.

One thing to note is that both the first and third legs are a bit longer than the second leg. This is because we wanted to give you more trails than road.

Parking at the race village is accessible from Commonage Road.



10 KM






Lap 1



Lap 2



Lap 3