Tip 21 – One Week to Go

The last week – you’ve trained well and tapered, with a week to go you may start to question many things. What can and can’t you do? Without trying to over think it, the best strategy would be to keep it simple and stick to your routine. Go to bed at the same time, wear … Read More

4 Weeks to Go : Tip 20 A Good Taper

Here are some steps to remember as you commence your taper. The marathon requires you to be really, really fresh on race day. Very different to shorter running events where you can continue to train quite hard up until a few days out. In the marathon, you need every ounce of energy you can muster … Read More

5 Weeks to Go : Tip 19 Mental Preparation for the Big Day

To complete all the desired training for your marathon, arriving at the start line in less than ideal state of mind can have devastating effect on your performance. There are necessary ‘pre-requisites’ or internal characteristics that a runner must possess to undertake the necessary training that a marathon requires. These include motivation, self-discipline and effective … Read More

6 Weeks to Go : Tip 18 What Time are you Aiming For?

With the 2017 Maramoo event only six weeks away, runners should be starting to consider what time they may like to achieve. There are many different ways to work this out. However, sometimes the simplest calculations can be the best. Click here to a link to one of the tried and tested methods that runners use. … Read More

7 Weeks to Go Tip 17: Running Concepts to think about

It is important from now that you are still completing some important training sessions while also trialling your nutrition and hydration for the day. Make sure you look at what products will be available on course for the event. That way you can use these same products in training so you learn to stomach them … Read More