Following the right training program for you is crucial to a successful race day. But it is not the only piece of the puzzle.

There are certain tips you need to know while you prepare for the big day. These tips may not be in your program.

Gina Grayson-Cassey and Jon Kappler from WA Marathon Club can assist you in your preparation for Maramoo.

Gina and Jon provide you with weekly training tips and important running information.

In the meantime, please click here if you need to contact Gina or Jon.

See below for the weekly training tips :

Tip 1 – Let Everyone Know

Tip 2- Get the right gear

Tip 3 The 8 Different Styles of Running

Tip 4 Two of the eight basic styles of running

Tip 5 Fartleks and Hill Repeats

Tip 6 Tempo Runs and Intervals

Tip 7 Run Solo or Run Socially

Tip 8 How to Be a Good Running Partner 

Tip 9 Looking After your Feet

Tip 10 Benefits of Massage for Runners

Tip 11 Self Massage and Tools

Tip 12 Food

Tip 13 The Perfect Smoothie

Tip 14 Run Rehearsals

Tip 15 Should You Run in Racing Shoes? 

Tip 16 How Do You Train for a Hilly Marathon

Tip 17 Running Concepts to think About

Tip 18 What Time are you Aiming For?

Tip 19 Mental Preparation for the Big Day

Tip 20 A Good Taper

Tip 21 One Week to Go


Whether competing in state championships or chasing after her two young children, Tom and Heidi, Gina’s love for running and fitness has been a lifelong affair – one she wishes to share with as many as possible!

Growing up in the coastal town of Denmark, the local river, beaches and open spaces soon became Gina’s training grounds. Inspired by her older sister Sue’s achievements in the international athletics arena, Gina’s desire to compete and achieve in the sport had been sparked.

The ensuing years have seen Gina compete in, and win, over 45 state titles as well as complete a BSc in Physical Education and a Diploma of Education. Her personal achievements have been matched by the achievements of those she has taught, coached and mentored, and her commitment to continue her education in the health and fitness industry augurs well for both Gina, and those fortunate enough to be coached by her.